vol. 3: Measles

At last I mobilized, mostly thanks to some authors sending me their sounds and asking about next releases of the series. I also at last aroused curiosity in myself about further life of the undefined hero. After quite hard birth and a sudden infant death, it is now time for the MEASLES. So, got it.

The third part of the SOINOISE was at last released in not fully pleasant atmosphere. One can see this fact as a bit painful because this time the whole focuses on various kinds of noise…

For a while I was close to write exclusively and unquestionably but every time I listen to this, there are different opinion created in my mind. After all, the noise exists somewhere between the silence and the Egmont overture of Beethoven, not beyond this space. Well, am I fully sure I have Egmont in my mind?


01 Khronoprint Layerz - Antireality
02 ■ - Micromelancolié
03 Feminist Cyborg - Last King of Poland
04 Halftones - LLS
05 Ilkkusilmä-Metsämies pilvien takainen - The Day of the Antler
06 Love Song - Areyfu
07 Hunted Moon - Toymonger
08 Phencyclidine - Sleep Sessions
09 Filthspector - Salakapakka Sound System
10 Holes In the Universe - Andreas Brandal
11 Hormiga Cósmica - Zehel



Andreas Brandal


Last King of Poland


Limited Liability Sounds

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Salakapakka Sound System

Sleep Sessions

The Day of the Antler





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